WinWin Vacations Photo Albums

Magical Kenya Travel Expo, September - October 2018

Great Plains Expedition Camp

Amani, cheetah with cubs

Great Plains Expedition Camp - Cheetah
Great Plains Expedition Camp - Lion Pride
Great Plains Expedition Camp - Elephant
Great Plains Expedition Camp - Safari

Kicheche Valley Camp

Grey-headed Kingfisher


Kicheche Valley Camp
Kicheche Valley Camp
Kicheche Valley Camp
Kicheche Valley Camp
Kicheche Valley Camp
Kicheche Valley Camp

Giraffe Manor

Whale Watching, August & September & October 2018

August 15 - La Conner with Caren

Caren holding the crab for inspection

Whale Watching
Whale Watching
Whale Watching
Whale Watching

August 28 - Anacortes

Steller Sea Lion

Whale Watching
Whale Watching

October 23 - Anacortes
Whale Watching

September 3, Anacortes

T34's & T37A's chasing dinner

Whale Watching
Whale Watching
Whale Watching

Camano Island, Summer 2018

The Eagle has landed in our yard

Camano Island
Camano Island

Sand Dollar


Kristina with huge Lion's Mane Jelly

Whale Watching, June & July 2018

June 3 - Anacortes with Jan

Cartwheel, Orcas T49A's and T65A's

Whale Watching

June 3 highlights 720p video (10+ breaches)



June 7 - La Conner

Crab research

Whale Watching
Whale Watching

June 7 La Conner 720p video



June 15 - Scratchy, Anacortes

Tufted  Puffins

Whale Watching
Whale Watching

June 20 - Anacortes with Ronnie

Poop sniffing research dog

Whale Watching
Whale Watching



June 27 - Anacortes 

Bald eagles feast on sea lion carcass

Whale Watching
Whale Watching



July 6 - Anacortes


Whale Watching

July 9 - Anacortes

Rhinoceros Auklet with a big fish

Whale Watching & Auklet
Spieden Island

July 20 - Anacortes


Whale Watching

July 22 - Anacortes with Anna

Eagle with harbor seal afterbirth

Newborn harbor seal drama
T37's and T34's

July 31 - Anacortes with Grant


Whale Watching
Whale Watching

Eagle Crest Sunset, May 29, 2018

Flying the flags

Sun sets at 9pm

Eagle Crest from our Deck

Flying the Flags


Camano State Park, June 2

Whale Watching, March - April - May 2018

March 6 - Everett, Little Patch

Sea lions and a bouy

Little Patch
Little Patch

March 16 - Everett

Whale Watching

March 24 - Everett

Gray Whales Earhart, No Name #383
Gray Whales Lucy, Patch & Little Patch

Not Named #383

April 26 - Anacortes

Whale Watching
Whale Watching

March 7 - Anacortes, T2C's

Patos Island Lighthouse


March 19 - Anacortes, T2C's

T2C family on the hunt

Whale Watching 1 
Whale Watching 2
Whale Watching 3
Whale Watching 4

March 31 - Everett

Whale Watching

May 27

Whale Watching
Whale Watching

March 12 - Everett

Mount Baker

Whale Watching in Saratoga passage

March 20 - Everett

Everett Marina

Whale Watching

April 6 - La Conner

Whale Watching

Antarctica, January 24, 2018

Antarctic Peninsula

Our first tabular iceberg as Captain Graser talks on Ice Navigation.jpg

Crossing the Scotia Sea

February 8 Expedition Report, Scotia Sea

Zodiac tour at Point Wild

Elephant Island, South Shetland Islands
Elephant Island, South Shetland Islands
Elephant Island, South Shetland Islands

February 9 Expedition Report, Elephant Island 

Adelie penguin

Antarctic Sound
Antarctic Sound
Antarctic Sound
Antarctic Sound
Antarctic Sound
Antarctic Sound
Antarctic Sound

February 10 Expedition Report, Brown Bluff

February 11 Expedition Report, Lindblad Cove

February 12 Expedition Report:
  Lemaire Channel and Booth Island

February 13 Expedition Report:
  Gerlache Stgrait, Port Lockroy

February 14 Expedition Report:
  Georges Point, Ronge Island, Dallman Bay

February 15 Expedition Report:
  At Sea, Drake's Passage

February 16 Expedition Report:
  Drake Passage, Beagle Channel

Nat Geo Orion video with permission 720P

Guest Slide Show

Daily Program

South Georgia

February 1 Expedition report, Scotia Sea

Scotia Sea and Shag Rocks

Wandering Albatross

Shag Rocks video

February 2 Expedition report, Shag Rocks

Prion Island 1

Encounter on the boardwalk

Prion Island 2

Glacier in South Georgia

Fortuna Bay 1

Marching penguins

Fortuna Bay 2
Fortuna Bay 3
Fortuna Bay 4
Fortuna Bay 5

February 3 Expedition report, Prion Island

Macaroni penguins on the rocks

Hercules Bay

NatGeo Orion under the rainbow

Grytviken, Alpine Meadow hike
Grytviken museum
Grytviken, Shackleton

February 4 Expedition report, Hercules Bay

Stromness 1
Stromness 2
Stromness 3

Fur seal peek-a-boo

Stromness 4


St Andrews Bay 1

Little Prince followed me around


St Andrews Bay 2
St Andrews Bay 3
St Andrews Bay 4

Hoisting the zodiac in hurricane force wind

St Andrews Bay 5

February 5 Expedition report, Shackleton Hike

Godthul Bay 1
Godthul Bay 2

Loepard seal attack

Godthul Bay 3

Elephant seal weaner in King penguin colony

King penguin

Gold Harbor 1
Gold Harbor 2
Gold Harbor 3
Gold Harbor 4
Gold Harbor 5

Last view of Gold Harbor & South Georgia

February 6 Expedition report, Godthul

Santiago & Wine Tasting Tour

City Tour  
City Tour video

Casas Del Bosque
Cooking School and Lunch  
Cooking School video

Bodega RE Winery
Santa Rita Tour & Blending Wine  
Blending wine

Reunion on the Nat Geo Orion

Ushuaia Tierra del Fuego  

Lunch Cruise video

Just Doug, Onboard the NatGeo Orion

National Geographic Orion

Falkland Islands

Giant Petrel

Cruising the South Atlantic Ocean to New Island

Cruising the South Atlantic video

January 27 Expedition report, At Sea

Rockhopper Penguin Family

Rockhopper Penguin Colony 1
Rockhopper Penguin Colony 2

New Island video

January 29 Expedition report, West Falkland

West Point Island 1
West Point Island 2

Albatross chick begging for food

West Point Island 3
West Point Island 4
West Point Island video

January 30 Expedition report, West Point Island

Stormy Seas 

Stanley Harbor

Stanley City Tour
Historic Dockyard Museum
Walking Tour
Departing Falkland Islands
Stanley Tour video

January 31 Expedition report,   Stanley

Whale Watching, December 2017 

December 30 Whale Watching T75B&C, T49A
 from Anacortes

Sika deer on Safari (Spieden) Island

T49A spyhops

    Spieden Island video

Orca Swims backwards and spyhops video

Whale Watching 1
Whale Watching 2

December 31 No Whales Found

Tanzania with Kay, November 20, 2017 

Flying to Kogatende

Coastal Aviation

Happy Birthday to Kay at Tarime airstrip dutyfree

Kazkas Camp
Kazkas Camp

Northern Serengeti

Morning Game Drive
Morning Game Drive
Morning Game Drive

Nasikia Camp

Wattled lapwings marching and singing

Afternoon Game Drive

Flying to Singita Grumeti

Leaving Nasikia

We'll miss you, John

Singita Sabora Tented Camp
A Wedding

Baby giraffe running

Grumeti Game Reserve Afternoon Drive
Hyena with Cubs
Grumeti Game Reserve
Makundusi Village
Sasakwa Lodge



Mt. Meru Game Lodge
Mt. Meru Game Lodge
Mt. Meru Game Lodge

Nimali Tarangire

Tarangire National Park
Tarangire National Park
Tarangire National Park
Tarangire National Park

Lake Manyara

Lake Manyara
Lake Manyara
Lake Manyara

Acacia Farm Lodge

Acacia Farm Lodge

Siringit Serengeti Camp


KubuKubu, Central Serengeti


Kitela, Karatu


Siringit Villa, Arusha

Kenya with Kay, November 12, 2017 

Emirates and Dubai

Day 1, Samburu National Park
Warthogs and Lizards
Elephant at the Waterhole
Elephant Bedroom Camp
Afternoon Game Drive
Afternoon Game Drive

Day 2

Juvenile Bateleur Eagle

Morning Game Drive
Morning Game Drive
Morning Game Drive
Morning Game Drive
Afternoon Game Drive

Striped Hyena

Hyena and Guineafowl
Afternoon Game Drive

Day 3
Birthday Party
Morning Game Drive
Afternoon Game Drive

Day 4, Maasai Mara
Ngenche Luxury Tented Camp

Kissing Hippos trying to make a heart

Mara River
Rekero Pride of Lions
Musiara, Cheetah and her Daughter
Kay's Birthday Party

Day 5, Maasai Mara
Morning Game Drive
Morning Game Drive
Morning Game Drive
Afternoon Game Drive 

Video Clips

September 2017 Whale Watching

Sept 1, Am Whale Watching, Saratoga Passage

Eagle Crest House

Saratoga Passage
Saratoga Passage

Sept 4, Whale Watching to Race Rocks 

Marcie's photo Sept 4 of me

Race Rocks
Race Rocks

Sept 9, Saratoga Passage Whale Watching

T101's Swim in front of Eagle Crest

Saratoga Passage & Coupeville
Eagle Crest
South of Eagle Crest
Camano Island &Swinomish Channel

Sept 1, Pm Whale Watching

Tufted Puffin

Tufted Puffin
Tufted Puffin

Sept 6, Whale Watching with Jan & Birget

Birgit, Kristina & Jan

Whale Watching
Whale Watching
Whale Watching


Sept 9, Evening Wildlife Tour from La Conner

Sam's photo of Erin, Tom & Kristina

Evening Wildlife Tour from La Conner

Sept 3, Whale Watching from Anacortes

Orca belly flop  in bull kelp at Cypress I


Sept 8, Whale Watching in the Rain 

T28's hunting success

Rainy day
Rainy day

Sept 15 Whale Watching

Sept 16 Whale Watching La Conner

Sept 22 Whale Watching L12

Sept 30 Whale Watching with Tyler

Oct 8 Whale Watching T46B

Oct 28 Whale Watching T2Cs

August 2017 Whale Watching

August 1, 2017, Whale Watching Penn Cove

T46 spy-hops

Penn Cove
Penn Cove

Saratoga Passage

August 4, 2017, Whale Watching, 1 Humpie

Gulls on a log boom in Swinomish Slough

1 Humpie

August 13, 2017, Whale Watching, Skunked

Bald Eagles in the air.

Skunked, no whales seen today

August 24, 2017, Whale Watching, T11

Ollie, the Sea Otter at Race Rocks

Transients T11

August 29, 2017, AM Whale Watching, T100's

T100's heading for Sucia Island


Red-Eyed Jellyfish (Polyorchis pencillatus) 
at Cap Sante Marina

August 8, 2017, Whale Watching, 3 Humpies

Cattle Point Lighthouse & Whale Rocks

3 Humpies

August 15 am, 2017, Whale Watching, Orca Kill


T99's with a harbor seal kill

Orca Kill_01
Orca Kill_02
Orca Kill_03

August 25, 2017, Whale Watching, Triple

Minke Whale

Three Species
Three Species

August 29, 2017, AM Whale Watching, T100's 

T100 spyhop eye open


August 2, 2017, Whale Watching

Rhinoceros Auklet with fish

Rhinoceros Auklets

August 10, 2017, Whale Watching in the Fog

Deception Pass Bridge in fog


August 15 pm, 2017, Whale Watching, Active Pass

Patos Island Lighthouse with Mt. Baker

Active Pass_04
Active Pass_05
Active Pass_06
Active Pass_07

August 27 2017, Whale Watching, T65A

T65A's cruising along Lummi Island

T65A with Tom


August 29, 2017, PM Whale Watching, T's racing

The Adventuress

T's Racing

July 2017 Whale Watching

July 5, 2017, Whale Watching

And the winner is

La Conner
La Conner

July 11, 2017, Whale Watching

T36A and T37B

Transients T36A's and T37B's
Transients T36A's and T37B's

July 18, 2017, Whale Watching - L pod

Deer along Swinomish Slough

L pod
L pod

July 27, 2017, Whale Watching T37A's



July 7, 2017, Whale Watching T49A

Caspian Tern

Kristina's birthday Whale Watching trip

July 12, 2017, Whale Watching - Divot, &Ts

T37A's, T77's & T51

Divot & Ts
Divot & Ts

July 19, 2017, Whale Watching - Smiley, Calf

The Schooner Adventuress

Smiley and New Calf

July 28 2017, Whale Watching - No Id Humpie

No ID humpback whale


July 9, 2017, Whale Watching with the Leslie's

Coloring Orcas

Whale Watching with the Leslies
Afternoon Whale Watching - Seal Hunt
Afternoon Whale Watching - Breach
Afternoon Whale Watching - Breach
Afternoon Whale Watching - Seal Hunt


July 14, 2017, Whale Watching T party

Today's journey

T Party
T Party


July 25 2017, Whale Watching J pod & Porpoise


J-pod with a porpoise
J-pod with a porpoise
J-pod with a porpoise
J-pod with a porpoise

June 2017 Whale Watching

June 2, 2017, T086A 

Island Explorer 5 Crew

Island Explorer 5

June 26, 2017, Oreo

Pelicans & Heron

J pod from La Conner
J pod from La Conner

June 19, 2017, Humpbacks Lunge Feeding

Lunge Feeding

Humpback Feast
Humpback Feast


June 27, 2017, Blackberry

Breach (youtube)


June 21, 2017, Anacortes

T77B .. vs harbor seal .. game over

T77's & T75B Morning Whale Watching
T77's & T75B Afternoon Whale Watching
T77's & T75B Afternoon Whale Watching
T77's & T75B Afternoon Whale Watching

June 30, 2017, T51



May 2017 Whale Watching from Anacortes

May 17, 2017, Divot & Split Fin

BCX1057 Divot


Split Fin taking a dive


Whale Watching Divot 1
Whale Watching Divot 2

May 23, 2017, No whales today

Steller Sea Lion with Bluntnose Sixgill Shark kill

Bluntnose Sixgill Shark

May 29, 2017 J pod

J19 Shachi breaching

First Time on the IE 5
First Time on the IE 5
First Time on the IE 5

May 24, 2017, Coyote

Coyote on Guemes Island

Whale Watching Coyote


May 31, 2017 with Jan

J-pod calf breaching

Whale Watching with Jan

Whale Watching from La Conner,

May 4, 2017, No whales today

The Rainbow Bridge

La Conner 01
La Conner 02
La Conner 03

May 8, 2017, J pod Orca

Bald Eagle vs Great Blue Heron

La Conner 04
La Conner 05

May 10 2017, Split Fin

Tufted Puffin

La Conner_06
La Conner_07
La Conner_08

Gray Whales, April 4, 16, 19, 25 & 27, 2017

April 16, 2017

Arctic Tern

Gray Whale Watching

April 19, 2017

Gray Whale Watching

The Challenge - Steller sealions on a marker buoy

April 4, 2017

Grays and Eagles

April 25, 2017

Patch #49

Gray Whale Watching

April 27, 2017

Gray Whale Watching

Tulip Town, April 2017

Tulip Town

Tulip Town



Tulip Town

Daffodil at Tulip Town

Gray Whales, March 19 & 31 2017

March  19, 2017

Whale Watcher Kayakers

Gray Whales from Seattle 1
Gray Whales from Seattle 2



California Sea Lions on Bouy

March  31, 2017

Gray Whale Spy hop

Gray Whales from Everett 3
Gray Whales from Everett 4

Seattle Whale Watching "Speckles", January 16 & 28, 2017

January 16, 2017

Speckles blows snot

Humpback Whale Watching, "Speckles"

Seattle winter afternoon skyline

Mt Rainier

Speckles' nasty scars

January 28, 2017

January 28 Humpback Whale watching

Steller Sea Lion on a buoy

Bald Eagle on shore

Birds of Greenlake, January, 2017

January 4, 2017

Lady Northern Shoveler testing the ice

Birds of Greenlake

January 13, 2017
Greenlake Birds

January 5, 2017

Birds of Greenlake
Frozen Lake

Pied-billed Grebe

January 20, 2017
Greenlake Birds

January 5, 2017

Belted Kingfisher January 5

Short-eared Owls of Leque Island, January 2017

January 2, 2017

Short-eared owl in flight

Short-Eared Owls


Mt Baker


Short-eared owl in a bush

Whale Watching, New Years Eve 2016

December 31

Barrow's Goldeneye (female) at Pier 66 in Seattle

Whale Watching New years Eve

Orca breach and Spyhop.mp4

K12 Sequim breach

K12 Sequim spyhop

Greenlake Birds December 18, 2016

December 18

Northern Shoveler, male

Bird walk around Greenlake 1
Bird walk around Greenlake 2
Bird walk around Greenlake 3
Bird walk around Greenlake 4
Bird walk around Greenlake 5

Coot walking on water

Hooded Merganser

Green Heron

Orca Whale Watching November - December 2016

November 27 

T37A spyhops in front of Space Needle

Seattle Orca 1
Seattle Orca 2
Seattle Orca 3

December 3 


Seattle Orca 4
Seattle Orca 5
Seattle Orca 6

December 17

No whales today from Seattle

Steller Sea Lion Eating an Octopus video (YouTube)



December 3 

J41 Eclipse & 51 Nova

Whale Watching September - October 2016

October 3 Orcas in Puget Sound

J34 Doublestuf blows a rainbow

Puget Sound Orcas

September 29 Superpod of T's

The attack of the snot rocket T10's boys

Whale Watching
Whale Watching

September 16 Playful Steller Sea Lions

Steller Sea Lions

Steller Sea Lions Sept 16

September 12 Morning from Anacortes

Seabirds on a Baitball

Whale Watching September 12

October 23 

Mouflon sheep

Spieden Island
Humpback Whales

September 23 Humpback Yogi

Yogi, BCY0409 peduncle throw

Whale Watching

September 4 with Tom on IE3

Spyhop September 4

September 9 Pacific Dolphins

Humpback Deep Dive

Whale Watching September 9

October 29 Last trip from Anacortes

Cormorant & Steller Sea Lion

Humpback Whale Watching

September 20 with Jan Lamers

J34 Doublestuf is fishing

Whale Watching with Jan 1
Whale Watching with Jan 2

September 4 with Tom on Island Explorer 3

Steller Sea Lion

Afternoon Whale Watching with Tom Sept 4
Orca Spyhops

Orca into sunset spyhop

Spyhop video
Pacific White-sided Dolphin Sept 9 video

Orca Whale Watching August 2016 

August 26 IE3 from Anacortes

Fire Sunset over Anacortes

Anacortes Fire

Water Drop on Anacortes 
Little Cranberry Lake Fire

Morning Whale Watching

J35 Tahlequah spyhop

Afternoon Whale Watching 01
Afternoon Whale Watching 02

August 18 Common Dolphins

Long-beaked Common Dolphin

Steller Sea Lion

Common Dolphin and Steller Sea lion
Minke Whale and Orca
Orca in Afternoon trip

Rainbow Afterglow

August 9 Afternoon from Anacortes

Scoter K25, Spock (K20), and Comet (K38)

August 9 Afternoon Whale Watching

August 14 with Tom from Anacortes


Afternoon Fog and Whale Watching
Whale Watching with Tom

Huge flipper Scoter K25 spyhop


August 2 Island Explorer 3 with Tom

T65A's Biggs Orcas in glass-calm seas

Orca Whale Watching

August 1 2 Superpod

Lobo K26 big tailslap

August 12 Super Pod Whale Watching


August 5 IE3 Morning from Anacortes

L122 Calf is kelping and spy-hopping

L19 Shachi

Orca Whale Watching
Orca Whale Watching

Anna Goes Whale Watching with Bibi July 29, 2016

Leaving Cap Sante Marina

Looking for whales

Whale Watching

Two Humpback whales

More Whale Watching

Tanzania and Kenya, June 2016


Karatu shopping


Tarangire National Park
Tarangire National Park and Oliver's Camp

Ngorongoro Crater & Highlands Lodge
Ngorongoro Crater, Elephant & Crowned Crane

The Highlands Lodge
Maasai Village

Maasai giraffes

Namiri Plains Leopard, Lion & Giraffe
Namiri Plains Lion & Cheetah
Namiri Plains Cheetah & Jackal
Namiri Plains Lion & Camp


Leopard on rock at sunset

Sayari, Kogatende_1
Sayari, Kogatende_2
Sayari, Kogatende_3
Sayari, Kogatende_4
Sayari, Kogatende_Leopard


The Great Migration

Asilia Fam, Kenya

Transfers & Site Inspections

Hot air balloon at sunrise over Maasai Mara



Hippo in dark pool



Zebra with red-billed oxpeckers

Ol Pejeta Bush Camp 1
Ol Pejeta Bush Camp 2
Ol Pejeta Bush Camp 3


Feeding Baraka, the Blind Rhino

Kenya Independent

The view at Angama Mara

Angama Mara Camp_01
Angama Mara Conservancy_02
Angama Mara Conservancy_03
Angama Mara Conservancy_04
Lunch at Angama Mara_05
Angama Mara Conservancy_06
Angama Mara Conservancy_07
Maasai Mara National Reserve_08
Maasai Mara National Reserve_09
Angama Mara Sundowner & Walk_10

Male ostrich in heat with 2 mates

Olare Mara Kempinski_1
Olare Mara Kempinski_2
Olare Mara Kempinski_3
Olare Mara Kempinski_4


Giraffe Manor 1y
Giraffe Manor 2

David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust 1
David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust 2
David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust 3

Lions next to the road

Ololo Safari Lodge 1
Ololo Safari Lodge 2
Ololo Safari Lodge 3
Ololo Safari Lodge 4

Emakoko Lodge

Whale Watching May - June 2016

May 17

Humpback BCY0324 Big Mama & Poptart


Whale Watching

May 2

Rhinoceros auklet

Island Explorer from Everett

June 3

IE3 from Anacortes

May 2

Gray Whale #49 Patch

Sweden, April 21, 2016

Riga's Old Town

Riga, Latvia

Britten, mamma & me

Hasse at sunset

Whale Watching from Everett, March - April, 2016

April 11, Saratoga Passage

Eagle Crest house

Whale Watching Saratoga Passage
Whale Watching J pod

Here comes J17 Princess Angeline


Doublestuf, inverted tail lob on his back

Whale Watching Doublestuf

April 7

California Sea Lion on a bouy

Whale Watching from Everett_1

Harbor Seal

Gray whale 531 feeding near shore

Whale Watching from Everett_2
Whale Watching from Everett_3

March 30

Gray Whale #531 at Everett


Mt. Baker

Island Explorer 4 from Everett_1

Bald Eagle in the Harbor

Island Explorer 4 from Everett_2

Grand Canyon Colorado River Rapids, March 17, 2016

Group photo at Pierce Ferry

    Driving over Santiam Pass on way to Lees Ferry
    3D Grand Canyon Anaglyph or YouTube
    3D Grand Canyon side by side
or YouTube
    2D Grand Canyon 
or YouTube
  Amy swims Lava Falls (Tom S video)

    Running the Colorado (David Trowbridge)
    Grand Canyon Sky (David Trowbridge)

Tom Strauch pictures

Emily Keenan pictures

Holly & Emily YouTube songLyrics

Heidi Solmonson Pictures

Monica Solmonson Pictures

Colin George Pictures

Victoria Clipper fam,March 24-25, 2016

Butchart Gardens

Butchart Gardens

Sunken Gardens

Tigh-Na-Mara Grotto Spa

Victoria Clipper fam

Cherry Blossoms at the University of Washington, March 11, 2016

The Quad cherry trees

Cherry Blossoms

Magnolia tree flower

Pink and white blossoms

Fir Island and Leque Island, February 2016

Fir Island

Snow Geese Flying around

Snow Geese

Thousands of Snow Geese Settle Down


Trumpeter Swan over flag


More Snow Geese
Snow Geese Fir and Leque Islands 


Vides clips

    Murmuration (youtube)
    Trumpeter Swan (1080p mp4)
    Short-Eared Owl (1080p mp4)

Leque Island

Short-eared Owl

Short-eared Owl

Northern Harrier fly-by

Chilkat River Bald Eagles, Haines Alaska, with  Scott & Paula Frier, December, 2015

Juneau to Haines Ferry
Chilkat River to Canada Border

Christmas Card

Eagle Photography

Bald Eagles and Trumpeter Swans

Day 1a  Day 1b  Day 1c

Chilkat River Bald Eagles

Flying Eagle

Redpoll, Downey Woodpecker & Totem Pole

Day 2

Bald Eagle

Lumia Phone pictures

Sunrise over the Chilkat River

Day 3a

Eagles on the Chilkat River

Day 3b  Day 3c

Day 4a  Day 4b  Day 4c

    Eagle with Fish, 1080p mp4

San Juan Island Whale Watching September 28, 2015

Whale Watching Sept 28, 2015

Humpback Tail lob

Tail Lob

Humpback Breach

Humpback whales


Orca Spyhop

Whale watching

San Juan Island Whale Watching September 2015

Whale Watching Sept 7, 2015

Fin Whale

Orca, Humpback & Fin Whale


    Humpback back stroke 720p.wmv
    Humpback back stroke video (youtube)

Whale Watching Sept 14, 2015

Orca whales 1
Orca whales 2

Baby orca J50 Scarlet playing

    Whale Watching Sept 24, 2015

Humpback whale waving pectoral fin

Orca and Humpback whales
Humpback Whale Pectoral fin

Blue Angels, Museum of Flight August 1,  2015

Fat Albert Returns

Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor

Blue Angels Fly over

Blue Angels
Air Show

  Emirates Museum of Flight Party

San Juan Island Whale Watching July - August 2015

San Juan Island

Roche Harbor at Sunset

Cookie (J38)

San Juan Island Harbors
Whale and Wildlife Tours

Spirit of Orca
San Juan Island


DoubleStuff Breaches

Island Explorer
Island Adventure

K13 Spyhop

Whale Watching July 28, 2015

J41 Eclipse & calf J51

Orcas, July 28 2015

Minke Whale

Whale Watching August 7, 2015
    Minke Whales, August 7, 2015

Whale Watching August 23, 2015
   Orca Whales, August 23, 2015

South Africa May 2015

Cape Town 1


Cape Town 2

Grootbos 1
Grootbos 2

Cape Fur Seals

Grootbos 3

Kariega Settlers Drift
Kariega Game Reserve
Kariega Game Reserve 3
Kariega Game Reserve 4

Sundowner stop lookout

Kariega Bome Dinner & Dancing

Botswana May 2015

Gunn's Camp Sundowner

Gunns Camp 1
Gunns Camp 2
Gunns Camp 3
Gunns Camp 4

Pom Pom 1

Lilac-breasted Roller

Pom Pom 2
Pom Pom 3

Chobe Bush Lodge 1

Great White Egret

Chobe Bush Lodge 2
Chobe Bush Lodge 3
Chobe Bush Lodge 4
Chobe Bush Lodge 5
Chobe Bush Lodge 6
Chobe Bush Lodge 7 

Camp Kuzuma 1
Camp Kuzuma 2

African Fish Eagle with fish kill

Chobe Game Lodge 1
Chobe Game Lodge 2
Chobe Game Lodge 3
Chobe Game Lodge 4

Savute Leopard

Savute Safari Lodge 1
Savute Safari Lodge 2

Xugana Island Lodge 1

Mokoro at Sunset

Xugana Island Lodge 2

Meyer's Parrot

Xakanaxa Lodge 1
Xakanaxa Lodge 2
Xakanaxa Lodge 3

Zebra Contortionist

Lerou La Tau 1
Lerou La Tau 2
Lerou La Tau 3



Chobe River Cruise


    Botswana and South Africa video clips

Fir Island Tulips and Snow Geese March 2015


Kristina in Tulip field

Snow Geese

Snow Geese take flight


Tanzania with Kay March 2015

Escarpment Lodget
Ndutu 1
Ndutu 2
Ngorongoro 1
Ngorongoro 2
Ngorongoro 3

White-headed Buffalo Weaver


Serengeti 1
Serengeti 2
Drive to Karatu
Acacia Farm Lodge

Sunset Selfie

Yellow-billed Kite

Tanzania with Tom, February 2015

    Buffalo Luxury Camp

Buffalo Luxury Camp
Serengeti Afternoon Game Drive
Serengeti Sunset
Serengeti Morning Game Drive
Zebras Fighting

Helmeted Guineafowl

    3D Chameleon video (youtube)

    Namiri Plains

Namiri Plains
Namiri Plains - Lumia
Lion Kill at Seronera, Serengeti
Vervet Monkeys vs Ground Hornbill
Elephants of the Serengeti
Lion Love
Kibumbu Lion Pride
Lion Steals Kill from Cheetah
Shy Leopard in a Tree

Kori Bustard in love

    Safari with Boni

On Safari with Boni
Seronera Visitor Center

The Great Migration

Great Wildebeest Migration 1
Great Wildebeest Migration 2
Great Wildebeest Migration 3
Lake Masek Lions, Ndutu
Ngorongoro Crater 1
Ngorongoro Crater 2
Tarangire National Park 1
Tarangire National Park 2
On Safari with Boni - Lumia

Tanzania,  Births and Babies February 2015

    Mt Meru Game Lodge

Mt Meru Game Lodge

Black and white Colobus

     Arusha National Park

Arusha National Park


    Lake Manyara

Lake Manyara

     Ngorongoro Crater

Ngorongoro Crater 1
Ngorongoro Crater 2
Oldupai Gorge



Ndutu 1
Ndutu 2
Ndutu 3

Bush TV

Ndutu Balloon Safari

Ndutu Balloon Safari, 3D anaglyph

Ndutu Carnivores 1
Ndutu Carnivores 2


Serengeti Births

Wildebeest Mom and new born calf

Serengeti Babies
Naabi Hill and Seronera
Ndutu last day

     Kuria Hills

Kuria Hills 1
Kuria Hills 2

Southern Ground Hornbill

Kuria Hills 3
Kuria Hills 4

Leopard mom and cub

Kuria Hills 5

    3D anaglyph video clips

Silvery-cheeked Hornbill

    2D Video clips

Churchill, Manitoba Canada Polar Bears November 2014

Churchill Day 1
Aurora Borealis


Tundra Lodge, Wildlife Management Area
Tundra Lodge, Wildlife Management Area
Tundra Rover Safari Day 2
Tundra Rover Safari Day 2
Tundra Rover Safari Day 2 ptarmigan
Tundra Rover Safari Day 3
Tundra Rover Safari Day 4

Polar bear sparring

Sparring polar bears

Tom & Kristina

Video clips


Tundra Lodge
Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada
Freezing Soap Bubbles
Churchill, Tundra Buggy, Lodge & Winnipeg
Phyllis Nelson Photo album highlights

White Spruce Tree Island

Polar bear news
    Polar Bear Research News 12/1/2014
    The Changing World of Polar Bears 11/24/2014

Greeley Colorado, September 2014

Greeley Poudre ponds trail
The Wild Animal Sanctuary, Keenesburg, CO

Bears in a tub

Pool Bears video

Bolivian Rescued African Lion at Ease

Bear Playing with a Stick
Lion Roaring video

Rocky Mountain National Park
Bull Elk in Rut

Rocky Mountain elk in heat bugling

Lazy elk enjoying the sun

Lake Burien, July 4 2014

Ursula Judkins Viewpoint July 2014

Seattle Carkeek Park, August 2014

July 4th party

Lake Burien Fireworks

Full Moon from Ursula Judkins Viewpoint
Super Moon (closest in 18 years)

Full moon behind Space Needle

Crows flying

Low tide at Carkeek Part 
Low Tide at Edmonds Marina Beach

Kenya, June 2014

Amboseli National Park
Amboseli National Park 2nd day
Elephant Research Project

Hippos fight in the Mara River

    Maasai Mara
Maasai Mara first evening
Hot Air Balloon with Elly
Maasai Mara Hippo Antics
Maasai Mara next morning
Maasai Village
Saba the Leopard


Saba returns to her kill

Maasai giraffe fun with tongue

    Ol Pejeta Conservancy
Ol Pejeta Conservancy, Sweetwaters
Ol Pejeta Conservancy Drive

Lilac-breasted Roller

Samburu National Reserve 1
Samburo National Reserve 2
Samburu National Reserve 3
Cheetah Mom and Cubs
Baby Elephant calf with an attitude

Red and Yellow Barbet

    Ol Pejeta Conservancy
Porini Rhino Camp_1
Porini Rhino Camp_2
Pack of 24 Wild Dogs
Endangered Species Boma


    Nairobi National Park
Nairobi National Park, Kenya

David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, Kenya, June 2014

DSWT Nursery in Nairobi Public visit
DSWT Nursery in Nairobi Private visit
Umani Springs

Ithumba Waterhole

Ithumba DSWT Orphans Project

Ithumba Camp
Ithumba Stockades, Evening Visit
Ithumba Stockades, Early Morning
Ithumba Waterhole
Lugards Falls and Tsavo East NP

Bougainvillea at Manyatta Camp, Voi


David SheldrickWildlife Trust, Voi

Naipoki at Voi with Kristina

Spring time, 2014

Skagit Valley, 2014

Green lake, 2014

Cherry Blossoms at the University of Washington

Cherry Blossoms at UW

Snow Geese

Trumpeter Swan

Daffodils and Tulip Town Tulips
Bald Eagles & Trumpeter Swan

Bald Eagles courting

Blushing Beauty

Red-winged Blackbird

Green lake Red-winged Blackbirds

Meany gang

Ethiopia January, 2014
 Northern Route

Trinity Cathedral

Lake Tana and Monastery
Along the Road Driving North
Simian Mountains
Gelada Baboons 1
Gelada Baboons 2
Lalibela Monolithic Churches 1
Lalibela Monolithic Churches 2

Ethiopian Wolf (youtube)
Birding Checklist
Video clips

APTA Forum September 2014
Ethiopian Airlines signs 2.1B Boeing deal at APTA


Gelada Baboon (youtube)

Epiphany Timket in Addis Ababa 1 
Epiphany Timket in Addis Ababa 2
Ethnic Dinner and Show

Southern Route

Driving South
Lake Ziway
Lake Langano & Sabana Lodge
Abijata-Shalla Lakes National Park
Bale Mountains National Park
Ethiopian Wolf
Driving more south

The Southern Tribes
Weaver Village, Dorze Tribe
Omo Child Foundation
Mursi Tribe
Crossing the Omo River

Dassanech Tribe
Hamer Market at Demeka
Bull Jumping

Kara Tribe
Arbore Tribe
Konso Tribe
Lake Chamo
Driving back to Addis

Ethiopia Birds, Song and Dance
Mursi Tribe (banned from Youtube)

Dassanech Tribe (youtube)
Hamar Tribe Bull Jumping (youtube)



2015 - 2014

Chilkat River Eagles Haines Alaska Dec 2015
San Juan Island Whale Watching Sept 2015
San Juan Island Whale Watching Sept 2015
Blue Angels Museum of Flight August 2015
San Juan Island Whale Watching August 2015
South Africa May 2015
Botswana May 2015
Fir Island Tulips and Snow Geese March 2015
Tanzania with Kay March 2015
Tanzania with Tom February, 2014
Tanzania Births & Babies February 2015
Churchill Polar Bears November 2014
Colorado Wild Animal Sanctuary Sept 2014
Seattle Carkeek Park August 2014
Ursula Judkins Viewpoint July 2014
Lake Burien Fireworks July 2014
Kenya June 2014
David Sheldrick Wildlife June 2014
Skagit Valley March 2014
Cherry Blossoms, U of W, 2014

Green lake Red-winged Blackbirds, 2014
Ethiopia January 2014

2013 - 2011

South Africa Safari, November 2013
Adventure Travel Summit, Namibia Oct 2013
Glacier Bay Alaska Cruise September 2013
Brooks Lodge, Katmai NP Alaska July 2013
Kenya May 2013
San Diego Zoo March 2013
Padilla Bay and Samish Island February 2013
Fir Island Turkeys February 2013
Fir Island Snow Geese February 2013
Fir Island Trumpeter Swans February 2013
Shadow Lake February 2013
Damon Point Ocean Shores Mar 2013
Skagit River Interpretive Center January 2013
Fruit Bats Zambia Robin Pope November 2012
Malawi Robin Pope Safaris October 2012
Zambia Robin Pope Safaris October 2012
APTA Denver National September 2012
Stockholm Sweden August 2012
Zimbabwe May 2012
Indaba South Africa May 2012
Botswana May 2012
Chile February 2012
Easter Island February 2012
Allure of Latin America January 2012
Kenya December 2011
PNWAPTA Agent Kenya Fam December 2011
Kenya November 2011
Tanzania October 2011
Kenya September 2011
Colorado River Rafting August 2011
Stockholm Sweden July 2011
South Luangwa NP Zambia May 2011
Lower Zambezi NP Zambia May 2011
Indaba Durban SA May 2011
Zanzibar April 2011
Tanzania with Asilia March 2011
Tanzania with and Beyond March 2011
Kenya March 2011
New Zealand with Reg &  Shel February 2011
Fiji with Reg & Shel February 2011


2010 - 2006

Sunspots Fiji, December 2010
Jonathan Scott Mfuwe, November 2010
South Luangwa  Zambia, November 2010
Tanzania, October 2010
Stockholm, August 2010
Botswana Bushmen, May 2010
Transfrontier Mozambique, May 2010
Iceland, April 2010
La Conner WA, Feb 21, 2010 
Madikwe South Africa, December 2009
Namibia, November 2009
Bibi's East Africa Kenya, July 2009
Bibi's East Africa Tanzania, July 2009
Selenkay Conservancy, Kenya, July 2009
andBeyond Kenya, June 2009
Eric & Angie, Alameda California, May 2009
Zambia, April 2009
Caprivi Strip Namibia, March 2009
5 Rivers Safari Botswana, March 2009
Kenya, December 2008
Sunspots Fiji, October 2008
Masai Mara Kenya, September 2008
Honey's Cubs Masai Mara, September 2008
Samburu, Kenya, September 2008
Giraffe Manor Kenya, August 2008 
Zambia, August 2008
Kenya, July 2008
Botswana, May 2008
South Africa, May 2008
Namibia, May 2008
Rafting the Grand Canyon, March 2008
Tanzania, November 2007
Kenya, October 2007
Woodland Park Zoo Seattle, September 2007
South Africa, August 2007
Estes Park Reunion Colorado, August 2007
Barcelona to Rome, Windsurf  July 2007
Norwegian Coastal Voyage Norway, May 2007
Butchart Gardens Canada, April 2007
Wings over Botswana, March 2007
Sunspots Tahiti, February 2007
Gorillas Uganda & Rwanda, December 2006
Kenya, December 2006
South Africa, November 2006
Zambia, October 2006
Alaska Inside Passage Alaska, July 2006
Kenya, May 2006
Kilimanjaro Summit, February 2006
Kenya & Tanzania, February 2006

2005 - 2001

Fiji, Sunspots December 2005
Steamboat Co. Canada, November 2005
Botswana, November 2005
Celebrity Cruise, Canada, September 2005
Koerner Reunion, August 2005
High Coast, Sweden, July 2005
Fiji Fam Trip Fiji, May 2005
Kenya, April 2005
Tanzania & Kenya, February 2005
The Caribbean December 2004
The Mediterranean October 2004
Spirit of Oceanus September 2004
The Baltics, July 2004
Caribbean May 2004 
Copper Canyon Mexico, April 2004
Star Flyer Cruise Thailand, February 2004
Botswana & South Africa, November 2003
Aruba, October 2003
Maui Hawaii, July 2003
Holland America Cruise Alaska, July 2003
Galapagos Ecuador, May - June 2003
Fiji, April 2003
Star Clipper Cancun, February 2003
MS/Zuiderdam Ft. Lauderdale, December 2002
Prince Resorts Hawaii, November 2002
Egypt, September 2002
Denali National Park Alaska, August 2002
Rocky Mountaineer Train Calgary, July 2002
Wedding Barbados, June 2002
Silversea Whisper Cruise Istanbul to May 2002
Tahiti, March 2002
Sea of Cortez Cruise Mexico, January 2002
Wine Country Cruise California, December 2001
Mediteranian, October 2001
Inside Passage Cruise Alaska, August 2001
African Safari South Africa, July 2001  
Temptress Cruise Costa Rica, May 2001  

2000 and Earlier

Manzanillo Mexico, December 2000
Bahamas Cruise Bahamas, November 2000
Paul Gauguin Cruise Tahiti, May 2000
Panama Canal Cruise Panama, December 1999
Scandinavia Norway, October 1999
Scuba Diving in La Paz Mexico, October 1999
Barbados, September 1999
Sweden, May 1999
Britain Bound, England, March 1999
Maui Hawaii, November 1998
Finland, May 1998
Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, April 1998
Sweden, November 1997
Switzerland, September 1997
Grand Canyon Rafting Arizona, June 1997
Mexico, May 1997
Mexico, November 1996
Oregon, July 1996
Seabourn Cruise France, Italy, May 1996
Australia, August 1995
Mismaloya, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, July 1995
Puerto Vallarta Mexico, February 1995
Sonoma Wine Tour California, November 1994
Hawaii, September 1994
Holland, September 1994
Disney World Orlando Florida, May 1994
Scotland, April 1994
Ski FAM France, March 1993
Iditarod Race Alaska, March 1993
Sedona, Arizona, February 1993
Cook Islands, December 1992
Norway & Denmark, November 1992
Switzerland, February 1992
England, October 1991
Florida, July 1991
Hawaii, December 1990
Skiing in Whistler Canada, December 1990
Stockholm Sweden, October 1990
Hawaii, July 1989


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