Family Photos

winwinvacations photos

Nathan on Camano Island, April, 2021

Nathan loves our Cranberry Lake Trail

Sleepover on Camano, April 18-20

In Ben's tree at Cama Beach State Park


At Freedom Park

Open presents from Nick

Family Photo

Anna turns 10, March 2021

Name tags for Grandpa Tom

Anna's 10th Birthday Party, March 6

Snack stop at Lake Cassidy

Hiking the Centennial Trail

Centennial Trail, December 28, 2020

Snack stop at Lake Cassidy

Snack stop at Lake Cassidy

Nathan's 5th birthday Nov 26, 2020

Happy Birthday Nathan through the window


Cama Beach, November 7, 2020


Tom & Nathan


Cama Beach walk

Cama Beach


Leslie, Leslie & Anna

Crabbing 2020

July 30, 2020

Rowing out to set the crab pot on Maxxon

First attempt at putting out the new crab pot


August 1, 2020

Watch out, she bites hard

Second attempt with the Leslies on Aug 1st


December 27, 2020

Cleaning the Crab

Last Crabbing of the season


James turns 7, June 18, 2020

Collecting jellyfish

Birthday at Mukilteo Beach

James found a moon jelly (jellyfish)

Chuckanut Manor, July 2020

Chuckanut Manor Seafood & Grill

Chuckanut Manor

Learning to use her Razor skates

Anna turns 9, March 7, 2020

Opening presents

Anna's Birthday

Fancy Jacket

Mira, Eric, Angie, Silas

Christmas week

Eric and Angie Visit December, 2019

Five grandkids

Christmas week

At Freedom Park

Christmas  Eve at the Leslies

Thanksgiving & Nathan's birthday 2019

Happy Birthday to Nathan

Happy Birthday cake-pie


Birthday Party

Happy Birthday pie

Pumpkin carving


Ginger, the hot dog

Halloween 2019

Pumpkin arrangement

James Playing Stand up Chess

James Sleepover

James Sleepover at Camano Island

Going down the Tram


Cranberry Lake Hike

Greeley Visit, September 2019

Timer Selfie In the back yard


Rocky Mountain Elk


Hiking around Long Lake

Fun on the Beach

James, Nathan, Anna & Edie

Edie Visit July 2019 for Sarah's wedding

Sarah & Charles

Edie Visit
Edie Visit

Mothers Day, May 12, 2019

Kids fooling around

Mothers Day

Kids fooling around

Kids fooling around

Birthday Party

Opening presents

Anna's 8th birthday Party, March 2019

Grandmothers Nina & Bibi


Birthday cake


Santa Visit


Gingerbread House

Christmas 2018

Christmas 2018

Swedish Pancakes

Dec 15 video
James Plays Soccer at the Mill Creek YMCA

 Birthday Party for Nathan, 2018

Batman Birthday cake

Opening Presents


Birthday Party Opening Presents



Halloween, 2018

Trick or Treat


Family Portrait

50 Year High School Reunion
September 7, 2018

Class of '68

Class Reunion


John, Jane & Tom

Iverson Spit, Camano Island
August 29,2018

Beaching it

Building a fort on the beach

Beach Play


Fun at low tide


Mira and Bibi On the beach at Eagle Crest

Visit to Camano Island
August 4, 2018

Leslie herding kids at sunset

Mira & Silas at Four Springs Lake Reserve


Petting Arica's chickens

Watching the moon, Jupiter & Venus align

Anna stays overnight at Camano Island
July 21 - 23, 2018

Freedom Park bell

Anna's Visit
Anna's Visit

James' 5th Birthday Party
June 16, 2018

Fun with the Jump 'n Slide Bouncer


Who wants chips

Fun with bubbles

James Turns 5

Happy Face

North Creek Park

North Creek Park
March 17, 2018


Fun with bubble wand

North Creek Park

The Birthday Cake

Opening Presents

Anna's 7th Birthday Party
March 11,2018

Opening Presents

Anna's Birthday Party


The Leslies Visit Santa

Christmas Eve December 24, 2017


Christmas Eve


Gold Creek Christmas
December 9, 2017

James on Stage

Gold Creek Christmas

Christmas Songs

James and Noah playing Soccer


Trick or Treat


Tom's carved pumpkin (46.5lb)

Halloween Pumpkin
Halloween Trick-or-treat

October 31, 2017

Dress up for Trick or Treat

Dinner with the Leslies, 
September 23, 2017


North Creek Park



Reptile Event, September 27, 2017

The Reptile Man

Benson Sculpture Park in Loveland

Greeley visit
August 18, 2017

Benson Sculpture Park in Loveland


Lunch with Mom, John and Jane

Greeley visit

Morfar's Memorial Party
June 11, 2017

Svea Quartet

Richard B Svensson
July 15 1923 - March 13, 2017

Mira the Dancing Queen

Richard at 9 months

Britten & Hasse

Richard's Memorial Party
Morfar Slide show (pptx))
Memorial Flyer Doc (docx)

Mom, Dad, Arne and Richard

Nordic Heritage Interview

Seattle Children's Museum
June 8, 2017

Sail, sail, sail your boat

Children's Museum_01
Children's Museum_02

Seattle Greenwood Park
June 9, 2017

Angie & Silas

Greenwood park

Bothell North Creek Park
June 10, 2017

Cousins group photo with uncle Nick

North Creek Park
At the Leslie's

Nathan finds an egg

Anna kisses the eggs

Coloring Eggs and Easter Egg Hunt

April 15, 2017

Anna and James coloring eggs


Anna's 6th Birthday Party
March 5, 2017


Balloon play

Anna's Sixth Birthday Party

Christmas, December 2016

December 24, Christmas eve 

Anna, Tom and Nathan

Nick and James

The Leslies with Santa


James' garbage truck

At the Leslies

James at the Gold Creek Church Christmas Program

December 10, 
Gold Creek Church Christmas Program

James on Stage

James at Gold Creek Church

November 25, 2016

Zwiefacher, November 25, 2016

Shake Down the Turkey party with music by Folk Voice
at Pat McMonagle's place

Augustin {Fuchs version}
Böhmischer Wind

Nathan, Anna, Leslie, James

Thanksgiving & Nathan's Birthday, Nov 2016

Veggie turkey platter

Thanksgiving and Nathan's Birthday

Birthday Boy
Nathan Thomas Trowbridge

Nathan helps out

Leslie, James & Pumpkin

Halloween and Pumpkin Carving
October 30, 2016

Mister America Dancing with a Star

    Carving Pumpkins

Anna Goes Whale Watching with Bibi
July 29, 2016

Leaving Cap Sante Marina

Looking for whales

Whale Watching

Two Humpback whales

More Whale Watching

5 Grand Kids at the Zoo

Woodland Park Zoo

Eric and Angie visit Seattle
July 24, 2016

Eric and Emelia

Dinner Parties
Greenlake Wading Pool

Angie and Silas on the Carousel


Memorial Day, 2016

Memorial Day May 30 Visit

James almost 3 years

Nathan at 6 months

Anna, the Princess

James on Strider bike

Anna & James, April 2
Nathan & Bubbles, April 16

Picking flowers for mommie

Anna & James & Nathan
April 2 & 16, 2016


Anna's 5th Birthday
March, 2016


Birthday Party

My own camera

Nathan Thomas Trowbridge


Gold Creek Church     video
Silas is 5 and a half months
Anna, Mira, James & Silas
Museum Visit

James, Tom, Nick, Mira, Anna, Leslie, Leslie, 
Nathan, Angie, Silas, Richard, Cynthia

Christmas in Seattle,
December 2015

Christmas Eve

Nick, Silas, Angie, Amelia, Mira, Amy, Frankie

Christmas Day

Anna, James, Leslie, Mira, Leslie, Richard

Nathan Thomas Trowbridge
November 26 (Thanksgiving),  2015

Nathan Thomas Trowbridge

Nathan, Anna and James


Introducing Nathan Thomas Trowbridge

James, Leslie, Nathan, Anna and Leslie

Kids at the Playground, 11-22

Eagle Crest House


Eagle Crest House

Tram down to Beach

Eagle Crest Beach and Tram
Eagle Crest Shop

Eagle Crest

Beach Landing

Zillow pics
Richard's tram video


Anna and James at the Playground
October 24,  2015


At the playground


Visit with the Foxes
August 14,  2015

Silas on the Play Mat

The Foxes 1
The Foxes 2

Mira rides Snoopy

Jennifer Carswell's
Introducing Silas portfolio


Silas and Mira 3D anaglyph 720p video
view with red-blue glasses

Anna with Face Paint

James and Tom Admire a Dragon

Blue Angels, Museum of Flight
August 1,  2015

Blue Angels Flyover

Museum of Flight

  Emirates Museum of Flight Party

Anna climbs a tree

Anna and James At the Park
July 26,  2015


James on the Slide

At the Park

James on the Sliding Tram

Julian - Amy Wedding
July 11  2015

Trowbridge Extended Family

Wedding Photos 1
Wedding Photos 2


The Sisters

Wedding Photos 3
Wedding Photos 4

Amy and Julian

Wedding Photos 5

Sunset at Shilshole (Edie Visit)
Solstice Sunset at Golden Gardenst


Dino soar Kite

Birthday Party


James blows out the candle


James' 2nd birthday party
June  2015

James points out the video camera
3D anaglyph 720p mp4 video

2D 1080 wmv video

Cynthia and Richard Portrait

Cynthia Marr's 80th birthday party
June  2015


Corey, Christine, Lisa and Michael

Haiku Sushi & Seafood Buffet party

April 2015

James negotiating  crossing

Bibi and James


Frog Video

Mira  2015



Blowing out the Candles

Birthday Party

Anna's 4th Birthday
March 2015

A Sticker Book


Family Portrait

James, Leslie, Leslie & Anna

Christmas Eve
December 2014

Deb and Anna

Christmas Eve at the Leslies


Gold Creek Christmas
December 2014

Gold Creek Church Christmas Program, Dec 13
Gold Creek Christmas Video

Introducing Anna

Anna Plays Soccer
November 2014

Anna the Goalie

Anna Plays Soccer

The Seattle Aquarium
November 2014

James and Nemo


The Seattle Aquarium

November 2014

Tom, James & Anna


Play Time

Mira Booms Grandpa

Hill High Pumpkin Patch
Hay Ride

Mira Dancing video
Mira Video

Mira at Hill High Pumpkin Patch

Eric, Angie and Mira, Winchester VA
October 2014

Eric, Mira & Angie

Babysitting James
September 2014


Greenlake Walk

Feeding the ducks video

James at Greenlake



Sharing a Frozen Yogurt Snack


More Bubbles
August 18, 2014

Anna Inside bubble

Blowing Bigger Bubbles


James enjoys an ice cream bar

Anna at the park

August 2, 2014

Fun with Bubbles

Bubble Gun

Making a Flower hat

Midsommer fest

Midsommer Fest
June 2014


Learning a dance video

Woodland Park Zoo
May 22, 2014

Anna with Kristina

Anna and James at the Zoo


Ben and Anna

Bibi and Mira


    Birthday Party
    Play Time

Mira's First Birthday
April, 2014

Eric, Mira & Angie

David Sheldrick Orphan Elephant

Birthday Party
March 8, 2014

Deb, Ken, Richard, Cynthia, Ben, Anna, Tom

Birthday Party

Cherry Blossoms at UW

Birthday Girl Anna


Anna's bicycle race

 February 22, 2014

Visiting the Leslies'

James and Mormor

November 28, 2013

Nick, Eric, Mira & Angie on skype

Laura and Noah Junkin



Great Wheel

Kerry Park Sunset
November 24, 2013

Sky at Sunset


Seattle After Dark

Anna and James at the Zoo
August 11, 2013

Leslie and James

James Henry

A Day at the Zoo

Anna Victoria

Magnolia Moon

Jellyfish Clouds over Seattle
August 6, 2013

From my roof top

Kristina calls them elephant clouds

Cliff Mass' explanation
More Pictures
Super Moon 6/26

Dorothee is always smiling


Hula Hooping (youtube video) by David
Happy Birthday Mom

Dorothee turns 90
August 1, 2013

Cisco the Llama is smiling too

Low Tide at Discovery Park, Seattle
July 27, 2013

Great Blue Heron

Egg yolk Jellyfish

Sunny Summer Day at  Discovery Park

Bumble bee on a Sweet Pea

Allison and David Bellar Wedding
June 30, 2013

Trowbridge - Beller Wedding


Juvenile Eurasian Eagle Owl

Skamania Falconry Show
June 29, 2013

Harris Hawk


Kristina and James

James Henry Trowbridge 1 day old
June 18, 2013

Baby Sitting Anna
James Henry Trowbridge
Anna Pets a Goat at the Zoo
June 9 Bothell visit
June 6 Leslies' visit

Leslie, Anna & James

Mira Joy
May 4, 2013

Newest Grand daughter Mira Joy

June, 2013

Baby Sitting Mira

Mira Joy Fox with Mom

Mira Joy Fox

Tulip Field

RoozenGaarde & Tulip Town
April 14 - 17, 2013

RoozenGaarde Tulip Fields
Tulip Town Fields

Tulip Field


Wood Duck

Seattle Arboretum

Easter, March 31, 2013

Leslie, Nick & Richard

Easter Egg Hunt at the Leslie's

Tulip & Daffodil Festival, RoozenGaarde
March 30, 2013


Daffodil fields and Garden




Tulips and Grape Hyacinth

Teasing Ginger

January - March 2013

Water Slide Video

Washin' n Washin' n Washin' up for Dinner

Baby sitting January 26
    Baby sitting February 9
    Kauai, Hawaii, March 2013

Christmas, December 2012

Dec 29 Babysitting
Dec 24 Christmas Eve
Dec 16 Baby sitting


Dancing and Jumping (link to FB video)
Dancing and  Jumping mp4 videos

Christmas Eve

Anna Washing Dishes


Anna with her updated Etch-a Sketch

November 2012

Dinner at the Leslie's

Ginger and Sadie
Can't Wait for Leslie to Carve the Turkey


Seattle's Great Wheel
September 2012

The Great Wheel
The Great Wheel and  Light Show
The Great Wheel in Pink and White

Video clips
    The Great Wheel time lapse video
    Light show
    Pink and White Wheel  Reflections



Pink and White Wheel

September 2012

Greenlake Sunset


Safari Endeavour 
September 2012

Safari Endeavor

Safari Endeavour

Nick's birthday
September 2012


Greeley Colorado
September 2012


Chapungu Sculpture Park, Loveland CO
Moraine Park
Chapungu Sculpture Park in the Evening
Turkey  Vultures

Edie's Exercise Class

Turkey Vulture

Chapungu Landing

Babysitting Anna
August 2012

Babysitting August 4
North Creek Park Playground

Pool Play

Seattle and Alki, West Seattle
August 2012

Alki Sunset Highlights Aug_2
Alki Beach, Seattle Aug_26
Moon Shots Aug 29

Sunset over the Olympics

    Video clip including Time Lapse

Kerry Park
July 29 - August 1 2012

Kerry Park Sunset Highlights

Moon Over Seattle

    Video Clip

Barn Owl
Turkey Vulture
Snowy Owl
Bighorn Mountain Sheep

Northwest Trek, Wildlife Park
Eatonville WA, July 22, 2012


Roosevelt Elk
Mountain Goat
Bald Eagle
Golden Eagle



   Video Clip

July, 2012

Olympic Sculpture Park
Birthday Parties at Dukes
Play Time
Milk Carton Boat Races on Greenlake
Bike Jumping into Greenlake 


Lake Burien

4th of July fireworks at Lake Burien

Woodland Park Zoo
July 11, 2012

Visiting the Zoo

Zoo Day with Anna

North Cascades Loop Highway
July 7, 2012

North Cascade Loop Highway
Base Camp
Iverson Spit, Camano Island

    Birthday Trip Highlights

Stiletto Peak


June 2012

Baby sitting June 10
Fathers day celebration
June 24 Visit

    Video clips

Anna loves her Bath Time

Tom & Anna

Paul and Anne visit in Fresno
April 2012

Blue Jay video
Bass Lake

Remembering  the 1970's

1972 Antioch Graduation photo by Paul

Tom & Paul at Camp just outside Moscow,
1971 Overland Tour

Paul and Anne in Seattle 
June 2012

Chihuly Glass Museum
Gardens & Glass
Space needle

Chihuly Glass Garden


La Conner Snow Geese
February 2012

February 26, 2012


Snow Geese


    Video clip

Anna Turns 1 and Walks
March 2012

First Birthday party
March 31 visit

Happy Birthday


    Birthday Video

In memory of my Dad
Leslie Walter Trowbridge, March 2012

May 21, 1920 - February 3, 2012 Obituary
My Final Goodbye to You, docx by Edith
Leslie W Trowbridge Memorial Service, docx by David
UNC Remembers One of its' Great Professors, docx by Bill Hoyt
Memories of Leslie Trowbridge, by Family 
Memorial slide show album ppt by Tom 
Memorial service audio

News clippings and awards
The Most Dangerous Flight pdf or link & audio
US Army Freedom Team Award   logo
Kiwanis Legion of Honor  and Award
Phi Delta Kappa Award
Colorado Assn. of Science Teachers Award
Distinguished Scholar Award

Memorial Reunion pictures

Hopi Prayer
Memorial Service Program

February 2012

Eric is Ahart Aviations' 
January Instructor of the Month

Eric Fox

Anna likes her no spill cup

January 22, 2012
Visit with the Leslie's


January 22, Anna


Dinner at Benihanas




Anna can hold her own bottle now

Great Grandpa Leslie meets Anna
December 2011, Greeley 


Visit with Great Grandpa video

Leslie, Anna & Great Grandpa Leslie


Great Grandpa talks about the surprise dedication of the Greenbank observatory in his honor (youtube)

Babysitting Anna while the Leslie's shop

    Swimming at Bonell video
    Glenmere Lake video

Frozen fog picture by Dave

Christmas Eve Party
    Richard Plays Christmas Music

    Greenlake Birds

Anna Eating

Anna is ready for 12mo old outfits
November 2011, Bothell


November 2, 2011

Baby Sitting Nov 12

Thanksgiving Day Party at Dave's video

John Trowbridge Autobiography, Nov 2011

3 points balance

Anna Learns to Crawl
October 2011, Bothell


    Edie, Sarah and Julian visit video

4th Cousin Jayden in Houston

Anna Trowbridge

Greenlake snack, July
Dinner at the Leslies, July
Baby Sitting, August
Pet Sitting Tazzie, September

Renaissance Festival, Falconer Show

Caren Kirten comes to Seattle
June 2011

Chef Leslie

Caren in Costume

Car Show
Midsommer fest
Bothell Barbecue
Downtown Seattle
Seattle Tour
Waterways Cruise

Waterways video
Mt. Si Wildlife video
Fireworks video

Anna Victoria Trowbridge

Anna Victoria Trowbridge
April - June 2011

One Month
Baby Sitting
Professional photos
Week 7
May 28 Visit
3 Months
June 12
Fathers Day
June 30

Nick and Anna

Anna Victoria Trowbridge
March 2011

Resting at the hospital, 1 day old
Happy 4th day at home

3 week video

Anna & Mom

Anna Victoria Trowbridge

Leslie & Angie

Whistler, January 2011

Eric & Angies's pictures
Kristina's pictures
Tom's pictures

Angie Skiing video

Whistler Village Christmas Decorations

Leslie, Tom and Dorothee

Leslie & Dorothee at Bonell

Greeley, December 2010




Estes Park Elk video clip

Svea duo performs 
Viking Days, July 2010

    Svea Duo Performs at the 
Nordic Heritage Museum in Seattle
(testing new shotgun microphone) 630MB

Viking Days

Bjarne & Richard

Svea Duo

    Skateboard .m2ts Burst mode, 60 fps, 47MB
    Picking Blueberries .m2ts time lapse 1 fps, 16MB
    Yard work .m2ts  time lapse 1 fp 10 sec. 13MB
Front yard flowers
Moon sliver
Sea fair milk carton races

    Video Clip .wmv 1.69GB
    Video Clip .m2ts AVCHD 2.2GB 

Testing my new Panasonic 
HDC-TM700 camcorder
July 2010

Front Yard Flower

Milk carton contestant


Earl Sargent & Leslie

Mom & Dad Dancing

Greeley Colorado
May 2010

Dads 90th Birthday

    Video clips

Dr. Raouf Alani's visit

Leslie W. Trowbridge 1945

March 2010
Leslie W. Trowbridge

His experiences in World War II,
as told in his own words

April 2010
Washington DC Honor Flight

Military Service, Autobiography 1995
Life and Teaching, Autobiography 1991

75 min DVD

N. Colorado Veterans History Project

Visit with Caren in Houston 
February 2010





Caren, Caleb, Kristen, Alexa

Joe, Caren, Courtney


Mt. Rainier from Longmire

Indian Henry's Hunting Ground
Hike with Tom Strauch
November 1, 2009

Hike from Longmire to 
Indian Henry's Hunting Ground 
and out thru Kautz Creek

Kauai, October 2009

Helicopter safari
Kauai Tour
Flying to Maui


Surfing video 

Angie and Eric's Wedding
October 19, 2009

Angie & Eric Fox

Meet and Greet
Wedding Ceremony
Photo Op

Lars, Leslie, Richard

John's big project
Route 34 Under construction

Greeley Colorado
August 2009





John, Leslie, Dorothee

Leslie and Leslie Celebrate
May 2009


Wedding celebration dinner


Leslie, Leslie, Dolores

Leslie and Leslie

Eric & Angie, Alameda
 California, May 2009

Muir Woods and Beach
Wine Tasting Tour
HalfMoon Bay
Eric Instructs Angie
Coastal Mountains


Robert, Rosie, Kristina, Carolyn, Jack, Angie,
Eric & Tom - Future inlaws


Eric & Angie

Nick, Leslie, Debby
Lindsay, Alex

December 2008


Christmas at the Leslies'
December, 2008




Caren Kirten

Svea Duo
Bjarne & Richard

Seattle, November 2008


Thanksgiving Yulefest 2008

Caren's Pictures

Richard Accordion Video
Richard HD video

Puyallup WA, October 2008


Ginger's Race
October 2008



Laura, Lindsay, Leslie


Seattle, July 2008


Discovery Park July 2008



Britten & Hasse

Grand Canyon
March 2008

Dave Calvert and Tim Strauch

Canyon REO   video clips
Lees Ferry
Soap Creek
Sheer Wall Rapid
House Rock Rapid
Under water
Redwall Cavern
Nautaloid Canyon
Saddle Canyon

Nankoweap video   video clips
Little Colorado
Hance Rapid
Phantom Ranch
Horn Creek Rapid
Granite Rapid
Hermit Rapid
Crystal Rapid
Upset Rapid
Havasu Creek
Stairway Canyon Hike
Lava Falls Rapid
The End

PT takes a sharp left at Lava Falls (Video)

Leslie rows nearly the entire river

Tom Trowbridge pictures
Tom Strauch pictures
Jill Rogul pictures
Dave Calvert pictures
Steve Rubenstein pictures
Johns's Trip Log
High water reports from NRS
Orientation video
USGS Beach maps

Kayaking New Years Day on the Cispus

February 2008

Upper White River Gorge
Michael Deckert photos

Happy New Year 
on the Cispus River
January 2008




Kristina, Karin, Britten

Stockholm Sweden, 
February 2008


Stockholm Sweden 
February, 2008


Cabo san Lucas, Mexico 
December 2007


Leslies in Cabo San Lucas

Leslie and Leslie

Leslie and Leslie

McGreggor Lodge
Fern Lake Hike
Alberta Falls Hike
More Hiking
Caren's pictures
Estes Park Reunion
August 2007

Mt. Pugh
Mt. St. Helens
Longs Peak Climb
Daves Pictures of Longs Peak

Longs Peak Keyhole

Dave and 2 Reed College buddies

Mt. St.Helens
August 2007


Mt.St. Helens Climb



Inside the Crater


Alaska Native performance

Video Clip

Craig Alaska
May 2006


POWTEC annual meeting
Craig Alaska, May 2006


Summer Walks 2006

Discovery Park
Rattle Snake Ridge
Snoqualmie Falls
Little Si
Mt Si

Greenlake turtle

Fungus on Little Si Trail

Happy New Year
December 2005


New Years Eve at Leif Erikson

Tom & Ritzi

Ritzi & Kristina

Bill and Tom at Camp Muir

Kilimanjaro Training Hikes
Summer 2005


Little Si, May
Mt. Si, May 2005
Camp Muir, 2005
Mt. Dickerman August 2005
Earl Peak, August 2005

Julian, Alison and Dave 
on top of Earl Peak

Edie in India
November 2005


Edie in India


Cactus flower thrives on neglect


October 2005



Hummingbirds & Flowers

City workers removing dirt

September 2005

Sidewalk construction

August 2005

Richards new roof

Seafair Ship Parade


Richard's new roof

Colorado & 
Koerner Reunion, Wisconsin
August 2005

To Marshfield
The Farm

Moritz & Clara Koerner

Dad and Mom

Fond du Lac
Going home
Accordion video

Exercise Class
Loveland Sculpture Garden

Dorothee, Leslie, Vicky, Keith
Tom, Diane, Sarah, & Manuel (front)

Svea Trio at the 
Ballard Tivoli Festival July 2005


Bjarne, Ramona, Richard

Svea Trio


Svea Trio Music video

Wallingford house


June 2005

Wallingford house




Dinner at Jaliscos

Anne and Paul

Sequim, Washington 
September 2004

Dungeness Spit
Hurricane Ridge

The Vicki Show Video

Paul & Anne

Leslie, Leslie & Dorothee

Leslie moving in

Leslies new house
June 2004

Under Construction

September 2004

Leslie moving in


Ritzi with Richard

March & June 2004





Richard, Kristina, Tom Leslie, Nick

Svea Trio

Pat & Ritzi

New Years Eve Party
December 2003


New Years Eve



Nick & Leslie 
November 2003


Nick and Leslie


Nick's new house

Leslie's new car


Leslie & Edie

Mom's 80th Birthday
August 2003


Dorothee's 80th birthday

Bjarne, Richard

Richards 80th birthday
July 2003


Richard's Party

Dorothee, Karin

Maui, Hawaii
July 2003

Karin & Kristina


Maui Prince Resort
Blue Hawaiian Helicopter
Evening out
Iao Valley
Maui Ocean Center
Sunset over the Pacific
March 2003


Dad's pictures

Dad's visit

Richard, Leslie & Dorothee

Dave & Julian

New Years Party 
December 2002


Happy New Year 2003

Jan & Eric


November 2002


Mormor's 80th birthday


Sailing with Richard & Ritzi
August 2002

Oak Harbor, Orcas Island
Friday Harbor

Richard on the Wave Runner

Kristina & Ritzi

Kristina, Leslie & Nick

 Skiing Whistler, 
Christmas 2001

Whistler BC

Eric, Nick & Leslie

Keystone Colorado
June 2000

Dad's 80th Birthday party

Party video
Hiking video
Denver Aquarium video

Arne Memorial, Seattle video

Edie and Dad Dance

Mom & Dad

Soccer video

Ceremony video

Graduation Video

Leslie Graduates 
June 1999

Snoqualmie Falls

Snoqualmie Falls 
November 1997

Snoqualmie Falls


Leslie & Lars

Keystone Colorado, 
December 1997

Lars, Tom, Leslie, Nick

Keystone, Colorado

Dorothee & Leslie, 1988

Greeley Colorado
August 1996

50th Wedding Anniversary commemoration video
produced by David Trowbridge

Greeley Colorado 1995

Leslie's Autobiography April, 1995

Dorothee's Autobiography December, 1995


Open House
Air Force Academy
Boot Camp
Garden of the Gods
Pikes Peak Bicycle ride

Colorado Springs, Colorado September 1995



  Garden of the Gods
Keystone Colorado
December 1994
Christmas party

Santa Leslie

  Eric Oregon Camping Trip
August 1994
Columbia River Gorge
Crater Lake
Oregon Coast
San Francisco & 
World Cup Soccer 
July 1994

World Cup Soccer

    Eric & Leslie

June 1994

Midsummer Festival

Washington DC
NYC field trip

New York

School Field Trip to
Washington DC
& New York
May 1994


Leslie Press Briefing

Deception Pass

Mount. St. Helens


Washington State 
August 1993


September 1991

Life and Teaching, 
Autobiography by 
Leslie W. Trowbridge 
September, 1991




Coyote school 1990?
Leslie's Magic Show video


Garfield Orchestra

Garfield Orchestra Videos
Nick, 1990

Garfield Orchestra video, April 1990

Chamber ensemble video Nov 1990
Quartet video Nov 1990
Garfield Orchestra video Nov 1990

Garfield Orchestra Videos
Nov - Dec, 1989

Chamber Ensemble video
Garfield Orchestra video
Garfield Orchestra video

Nick on the Cello

MarcusTsutakawa, Director

Leslie enjoys the water slide

Swim meet videos
Summer 1989 

Wenatchee Water Slide Jun 3 competition
Mad Dogs swim meet Jul 14 video
July 21 swim meet video


Leslie at the starting block

May 1989

Summit Murder Mystery Play

Fancy Birds

Leslie's T-Ball
May - June, 1989

May 15 T- Ball Game

June T-Ball Game

Leslie's Soccer game
Fall 1989

Soccer Game


December 1988

Woodland park video

Woodland Park

Swim meets
August 1988

Madison pool swim meet video
Madison MadDogs Aug 6 video
Madison pool competition video


Madison Mad dogs

Leslie & Kristina

Mt St.Helens

Dave, Nick, Tom at the Summit

Mt St Helens Climb
July 1988

Mt St.Helens climb video

Gasworks Park
4th of July 1988

Gasworks 4th of July Fireworks video

Ivars fireworks display


Eric Jumping

January 1988

Meany Ski School video

Towed out behind the Snowcat

Leslie, Allison, Dave, Julian, Eric, Adam


Christmas 1987

Skiing video
Christmas Party video
More Skiing video
Keystone video

Eric, Nick, Leslie, Tom


Nick, Eric & Leslie
Mormor Visits

Swimming and Soccer

Mormor, Tom, Kristina, Leslie

Meany Ski Lodge

Meany Lodge Video

Kristina and Leslie doing Gates

Nick on the 19mph rope tow

Paul Ogden's 1970's Album
Antioch College and European vacation

Antioch College
Hughs'  Overland  Tour
Groton Connecticut
Paul and Anne's Wedding

Horsing around in Europe

Learning to Sail in Groton


winwinvacations photos


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